Over 40 years’ experience, we not only find products, we find the most appropriate factory to meet customers’ demand of price, quality, lead time and design.
Moreover, we focus on factory’s experience, management and attitude.
“Match the most appropraite factory to customer” is our core value.

Bike Part & Accessories

We have close relationship with many factories of Bicycle parts & accessories in China & Taiwan.
Constantly offering various bicycle parts & accessories to customers is our daily work.

Mold Make/Mass production

We work with many professional factories of Plastic Injection, Steel & Aluminum products for more than 30 years.
According to customer’s ideas, drawings, demand of materials, quality, quanities…etc. We authorize the most appropriate factory to Design – Drawing – Communication – Mold Open – Make samples – Confirmation – Modification – Mass Production.

Design for products & packages

We have professional design group for products, colors and packages.

QC Service

Our QC group quarantee premiunm quality to Japanese customers, you could rely on us.